I'm an energy healer with clients all over the world. Born and raised in Western Australia, I have always been drawn to the natural healing properties we each contain within us. I have dedicated more than thirty years to understand the human body and the connection between mind, body and soul. My work continues to teach people how to heal themselves.


Energy healing stimulates the physical energy circuits of the body to help facilitate its natural healing mechanism. This holistic therapy is excellent in assisting in the healing process of the person by unblocking the energy fields and preventing future problems by identifying the issues before they manifest as pain in the physical body. Addressing the energy in the body helps in promoting better health and greater clarity.

Manifesting your best life

What you do everyday reflects your self-worth, which is the place you manifest. Discover how to start getting the things you want and clarity on what you want your life to look like. When doing this be grateful for the things you already have and then allow yourself to dream big.

Take back your power

Start using ones that honor you power instead of take it away. For example, change "I can't" to "I choose not to" or "I wont". So often when we say "I can't", we are recognizing a limit that doesn't actually exist or not owning and taking responsibility for an actual limit we have. Change "he made me" to "he put pressure on me" or "I chose to".


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