Valarie Reeve has always felt drawn to something much greater than herself. Little did she know, as a child, that she would go on to become a renowned energy healer serving clients from all over the world. Valarie has built her career and reputation around learning as much about the connections between mind, body, soul and the human condition. She strives to bring synchronicity and inner peace to her clients.

Valarie’s true passion is helping others move through life without resistance. Empowering people to take back their power and see their own worth which in turn they heal themselves.

The knowledge of her expertise enhancing lives drives her to a whole other level. This motivation runs deep. Valarie continues developing her knowledge and skill sets to better serve her clients. Her dedication is unparalleled, making her an icon in the emerging realm of alternative medicine.

Valarie has specialized in meditation and yoga for the longest time. Giving back to the community was her way of finding worth in this life and it is no wonder she became a highly sought after instructor. The energy of being able to help others fuels her motivation to reach for new heights.

Mission statement:

To love and serve others with compassion, bringing hope and healing to those in need.

To serve my community with humility and generosity, being a source of positive change and transformation.

To believe in the limitless potential of the human spirit and encourage others to tap into their inner power.

To create a sacred space where people can come together to connect, heal, and find solace.

To support and encourage others on their spiritual journeys, knowing that we are all interconnected souls.

30+ Years Of Experience

As a Presenter, Author, Coach and Teacher with Over 30 years experience of many healing modalities such as, Energy Healing, Reiki, Light Language, Sacred Geometry, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Energy Manipulation, Reflexology, Somatic Healing, Sound Therapy, Nutrition, Personal Training, Chanting, Yoga, Meditation and many more.

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