How Does Quantum Energy Healing Work?
Quantum energy healing harmonises energy disruptions in and around the body by sensing through the person’s bio-energy field & the quantum energy field to make changes.

Energy disruptions are often caused by trauma. The natural energy flow through the field can become distorted or blocked. For example, people often sense a blocked feeling in their throat through to their heart centre for unexpressed emotion. Quantum energy healing is deeply relaxing – ideal for emotion, body mind re-balancing.

It stimulates the physical energy circuits of the body to help facilitate its natural healing mechanism. This holistic therapy is excellent in assisting in the healing process of the person by unblocking the energy fields and preventing future problems by identifying the issues before they manifest as pain in the physical body. Addressing the energy in the body helps in promoting better health and greater clarity.

What Are the Benefits of Quantum Energy Healing?
Quantum energy healing is a holistic form of therapy that works on the mind, emotions, body and spirit. The process of transmuting, transferring pure positive energy to another person can bring about numerous benefits on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Helps in treating ailments
Helps repair skeletal or muscular injuries
Restores the balance to the basic body systems
Promotes overall wellness and improved immunity
Releases internal roadblocks
Develops a "success" mentality
Helps in letting go of old feelings such as regret and guilt that has been held back
Helps in conquering fears
Helps in building confidence
Develops a positive mindset
Eases the pain brought by depression and brings joy in everyday life
Releases anxiety and replaces it with calmness and confidence
Soothes anger and leans toward understanding and compassion
Relieves long-held sadness
Gives a sense of purpose and meaning in life
Encourages natural intuition and uses it as a guide into good directions
Gains new insights
Instant and lasting changes to improve overall health